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Despite the mystique surrounding en Primeur (wine future) campaigns, it is a rather straightforward process. During the release time (normally around April or May each year), registered customers will get emails from Citicellar® on new releases each day. We take orders on first come first served basis, except the allocated items. The allocated items are very limited in quanity and reserved for our customers who had bought in the previous year. Once you receive our emails on new release, you need to notify us by email as soon as possible if you want them. We will allocate items and quantities per your requests and our allocated quantity from the negociants, which vary from year to year.

At the end of each campaign, you will receive an order confirmation from us. Upon your approval, we will issue a pro forma invoice to you. By the end of July, you need to pay the amount in full. By the end of August, you will receive an email from us to ask you for your preference on bottling formats and packing for the wines you purchased. Chateaux will charge a small amount (normally €2 to €3 per bottle) from the deviation of their normal format and packing. If we don´t receive any feedback from you, we will treat them as standard format and packing set by chateaux.

Wines will become available by the end of September in two years. We will ship the wine to HK in October or November free of charge. Should you choose not to ship the wine at that time, the negociants will charge you a monthly storage fee and you will have to arrange and pay for your own shipping to your designated destination.

En primeurs are time honored events dated back more than one hundred years. The business is conducted purely based on mutual trust. Therefore, it is important to know what you do and do according to what you know. The risks rest on both sides. You should not buy from someone whom you don´t trust or order items you are not familiar with. Likewise, we prefer not to sell to people who don’t fulfill their commitments. It is a chain of commitments from you to chateaux and back to you via us. We must deliver what you ordered and equally fulfill what we have committed to negociants and chateaux. The system has existed thus long because of this mutual trust and high standard of ethic among the buyers and sellers. Having said this, we believe buying en Primeurs can be very rewarding to you in the future.